The Data Centre Life Cycle

Each phase in the life of a Data Centre brings different challenges and requires a different set of skills.

The team at DCI bring together a unique set of skills to work in partnership with you to manage any and all phases of the DC life Cycle.

Managing each phase well yields a higher level of efficiency, reduces costs and improves ROI.


The beginning of any Data Centres life starts with finding a location that meets the needs of the client.

Finding potential locations, assessing the availability of power and network connectivity, flood plain analysis, airline flight path review are just a few of the key areas that need fully investigated as part of site selection.


When you have identified one or more potential locations, it’s important to draft up designs for the building.

Having a view understanding of client requirements allows designs to be created that fit the site(s) and the surrounding area.

Its more than just number of racks and amount of power, resilience, floor load, efficiency, renewable power, local restrictions are just a few of the important items to consider before proceed with any planning application.

In parallel to the planning application work can proceed on identifying your construction partner, reviewing and updating your budget and creating the construction and fit out project plans.


Whilst construction is completed by experienced and reliable partners, close management of the construction plan with all parties is key to ensure the build completes on time and on budget. Any issues, delays or budget overruns need to be addressed promptly to avoid delays to the completion dates

As construction takes place, details design and planning work can be completed for the interior fit out.


The operation of your new Data Centre can really be divided into 3 main phases:

Pre-Go Live testing

Upon practical completion of the build and core services delivery (non-active fit out), a full building "Integrated Systems Test" must be completed.

Normal operation or BAU

Initial deployments are likely to be classified as "active fit out". These effectively are the core infrastructure services that support your servers, applications etc. for example, Network, Storage, IAM and monitoring.

Installation of application servers and migration of business data.

BAU operation will see new servers and services deployed, managed/upgraded and decommissioned.

Change and capacity management are key to ensuring that your Data Centre runs smoothly and efficiently.

Real-time monitoring of your Data Centre, its critical infrastructure and the servers and services within is critical to identifying issues early. Addressing such issues quickly, enables them to be addressed safely with minimal impact to live services.

Upgrades and enhancements

Most Data Centres have a useful working life of 10 years as a minimum. Looks after a Data Centre can support the IT needs of its clients for a far longer period. However, we all know that the pace of change with technology today means that it’s inevitable that upgrades and enhancements will be required during the Data Centres life span. This could be simple replacements of chillers or AC units, increase in power density to name a few. A well-managed Data Centre means planning and executing these upgrades and enhancements can be completed quicker and with less risk to your business.


All good things come to end and at some point, either technology advancement and / or the cost/complexity to upgrade the critical infrastructure of your Data Centre is too great will lead to the decision to exit and decommission your facility.

Once the decision is made, understand the options to how you migrate your business services and data out of your DC and into a new target location safely and securing is critical.

You then need to decommission your supporting infrastructure services, building dilapidations and complete the building decommissioning processes.

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