The transformation of IT environments can range from a simple/generic IT refresh activities, specific adoption of new technologies or wholesale transformation of the IT facilities and infrastructure services for the entire business.

DCi² believe that IT transformation is never a one step process, it’s a continual evolution of IT infrastructure. All too often companies embark on large transformation programmes to move forwards from a technological perspective, funding large capital expenditures, taking on larger risk profiles and exposing their business to significant IT change whilst at the same time creating technology debt cliffs that will need to be dealt within 4-6 years.

At DCi² we guide clients throughout their IT transformation journey. Transformation is achieved over time rather than making large step changes. Smaller changes allow clients to adopt new technologies at a pace their company can accommodate and as and when new technologies become available in the market place. This minimises the risk profile and capital expenditure. Our transformation consultancy services have been created from a wealth of IT transformation experience. We specialise in meeting the real needs of the customer, matching the client requirements, adoption of new technologies and / or operating processes/models, capital expenditure, risk profiles and speed of delivery to ensure that the right amount of transformation is achieved over the right time frame.

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